ODOT Full Service Maintenance Facilities - Fulton, Ottawa and Sandusky Counties, OH
The construction of two new full service maintenance facilities and one renovation of an existing full service maintenance facility at three ODOT sites in northern Ohio. Both the Fulton County and Sandusky County Full Service Maintenance Facilities (FSMF) include a 21,000 SF truck storage building, administrative and mechanical services areas, a cold storage structure, a salt storage structure, a material storage structure, above ground fuel storage tank, vehicle wash bay and brine/calcium system. The Fulton County portion of the project also includes construction of a Visitor and Heritage Center; offices for the Ohio Dept of Public Safety Program Offices; and the Ohio Turnpike Commission Salt Storage Structure. The Ottawa County project includes renovating a portion of office space in the full service maintenance facility, upgrading fire protection systems, and site improvements including paving and fencing. Megen Construction is serving as the Construction Manager for the projects, coordinating all preconstruction and construction efforts. The three facilities/projects are part of a single contract with ODOT and the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission. All projects are to be completed by July 2017.
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